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THE GRAIL with Dean Delray

Jun 24, 2021

Today we have an artist that I have been trying to get on the show for a while, Former chief photographer for Bill Graham and Bam Magazine Mr Richard McCaffrey.

This man shot photos at all the major Bay Area concert events in the 70's for non other than Bill Graham. His specialty was the Day On The Green concerts and wow are his photos incredible.

Richard was also in charge of all the great photos for the legendary Bay Area Magazine called Bam which was considered the Bible for the Bay Area Music Scene.

He has a new book out called Richards Rock n Roll Alphabet which I highly recommend and at the end of the year he will have another book that Documents the last 2 Led Zeppelin concerts in the United States at the Oakland Coliseum, Day On The Green 6 and 7 July 23/24 1977

Check out his website