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THE GRAIL with Dean Delray

Jun 9, 2021

We have all owned a Bandanna or two in our lifetime but imagine having the best Bandanna ever. My guest Jenni Earle has created what I think is the finest Bandanna ever made.

You may ask yourself what's the big deal about a Bandanna ? Well, think about it for a minute. The Bandanna really is our own personal flag that we wear to let people know we may be a little bit different.

Weather it be a rocker like David Lee Roth who covered his body in them or Willie Nelson who has wore one ever concert he has ever played or a gang member letting you know what his affiliation is.

It's just an accessory that you don't really think about until someone makes a perfect one.

When I think about it I don't even known how I came about owning all the bandannas that I own. 

Sit back and enjoy Jenni's story and thanks for taking a ride on -

The Grail