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THE GRAIL with Dean Delray

Dec 30, 2020

Today on The Grail I present you the Holy Grail of Cool Mr Jeff Decker. This guy is an amazing Artist and Friend.

Jeff is an expert on the early world of Motorcycles and the culture but what really blows my mind is his art. This man does some of the finest Bronze Sculptures on the planet.

You can see his 16-foot-tall,...

Dec 23, 2020

My guest is Mikey Weiss former Bass Player for the Dance Hall Crashers and now the owner of Mikey's Hook Up.

After years of touring Mikey decided to try something else in life so he moved to NYC and the rest is History.

Mikey started selling different types of electronics Cables on the street then moved it into a Kiosk...

Dec 16, 2020

Today on The Grail my guest Brian Romero stops by and talks about how he created the art for The Grail Podcast

Tons of people have reached out and asked who did the art for The Grail so I thought I better have Brian on ASAP.

Brian's art is absolutely next level and it was so cool to hear his story on how he...

Dec 11, 2020

On this episode of The Grail my guest Jason Schott, fourth-generation owner of Schott Bros. Inc stops by and talks about the history of Schott Bros.

Schott Bros was started in 1913 and has been making Jackets in the USA for 102 years.

Schott LEATHER JACKETS have been worn by some of the most iconic people in show...

Dec 2, 2020

Today on The Grail I sit down with Bahzad Trinos creative & sales director at Naked and Famous Denim.

This is a fantastic talk on all things Denim. I absolutely love Denim and I know a lot of you guys do to.

Bahzad and I dive deep into Denim Mills, Denim Design, History and the Myths of Denim.

Sit back and enjoy this...